Almost Week 3 and HOLY SH*T GUYS!

Before I started this Paleo journey I was a very healthy eater. No junk food in the house (except the cookies for my cookie-monster husband), and we rarely ate out. I think I’ve cooked 80% of the Eat Shrink and Be Merry recipes, which are both delicious and nutritious. However, the weight stuck to me. Trying to lose weight has always been hard, but especially hard in the last 10 years. If I even wanted to lose a pound I had to WORK for it baby. My slim daughter who is an uber-athlete (getting her SECOND black belt in February and swims competitively) eats the food I eat, plus more for her caloric needs. Even Weight Watchers wasn’t doing it for me. I’ve heard: “You’re not eating enough.” “You’re eating too much.” “Exercise More.” Really, it didn’t make a difference.

So I read about both Paleo and Wheat Belly, and decided to try the Paleo lifestyle with my hubs.

Well, it’s been 2.5 weeks, and I’ve lost EIGHT pounds. EIGHT POUNDS! HOLY SH*T GUYS!

EIGHT POUNDS, and I can see it in my face already, and by the way my clothes fit. EIGHT POUNDS without counting calories, points, and feeling deprived. EIGHT POUNDS while eating well and having sweet Paleo Treats too. EIGHT POUNDS without increasing the moderate exercise I already get. EIGHT POUNDS without feeling hungry.

Now I’m not saying this is for everybody. Robb Wolf is the first person to say “try it for a month and see if it makes a difference”. Best advice I’ve ever taken. Clearly my body does not handle grains well. Buh-Bye grains. No bread or pasta is worth that kind of misery!

The food this week has been great too, with only ONE fail. I tried a recipe for Paleo Hamburger Buns. They looked all right, but crumbled when you tried to eat them with a burger. Plus I tried a turkey burger recipe, and you know what? I HATE TURKEY BURGERS. BRING ON THE BEEF! Yep, that night was pretty miserable.

However, the rest of the food was OUTSTANDING! Here’s a sample of the awesome food we had this past week:

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Soup)
Recipe From Against All Grain


Paleo Apple Crisp
Recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods Book


Grilled Steak and Spinach Salad with Warm Orange Bacon Dressing
Recipe from The Looneyspoons Collection Book


Crock Pot Ribs and Sweet Potato Fries
Recipes from I Eat Mostly Meat and Nom Nom Paleo


Crockpot Cashew Ginger Chicken with Noodles (Yellow Squash)
Recipe by Killermolemom (will post recipe soon!)


Our Dessert of Choice: Mixed Berry Yonanas
With a little melted dark chocolate (85% cocoa) on top, PERFECT!


4 Responses to Almost Week 3 and HOLY SH*T GUYS!
  1. Finola Reply

    Wow, that’s amazing! Way to go C!!!

    • killermole Reply

      Thanks Fin! Even my skin is losing it’s “reddishness” and I’ve stopped wearing foundation to work. It seems to agree with me for sure!

  2. Trish Reply

    Wow this looks incredibly delish! I’m so proud of you! We need to get together so you can fill me in on the low down! You must feel fantastic!

    • killermole Reply

      Hi Trish! Yes it’s been quite the enlightening experiment. Can you believe that Gavin likes eating this way too? :-O

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