5 Weeks and Still Going Strong

When I was doing some initial research on eating Paleo, one piece of advice that really stood out was “Don’t focus on what you CAN’T eat, focus on what you CAN eat”. At the time I thought that was just a very positive way to look at a potentially grim way of eating, and OMG WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT POTATOES?!

Now that I’m close to 6 weeks in, I totally understand the depth of that advice. I don’t feel like I’m going *without* anything! I always feel full after meals, and it’s easy to pass on grains and processed foods. The food is outstanding, fresh, and satisfying. I’m no longer in a “same old” cooking rut.

My birthday is today. I had originally planned to have a “cheat day”, but I’m perfectly happy to stay 95% Paleo.. The 5% off will be the baked potato I’m having at The Keg tonight! :) My birthday cake is this easy Paleo-Friendly Strawberry Cream Pie. I’m looking forward to a generous slice with some dark chocolate drizzled over the top.

One of the new things I tried was Cauliflower Rice. OMG SO. GOOD. It’s pictured here with Cashew Chicken and Crock Pot Ribs leftovers :


Our family already has two favourite Paleo cookies. I brought these to my daughter’s camp at our mid-point visiting day. She liked them so much, she wanted to keep some to eat at their movie night. Unfortunately I couldn’t leave any with her because they are made with almond flour (nut allergies). She ate gummy bears instead. No worries, she has them now at home! They are called Double Chocolate Cakies from Multiply Delicious:


My husband’s favourite cookie is this Chocolate Coconut Macaroon from My Paleo Life. It is SO simple to make, and a little bit too good!


Another big hit is this Non-Dairy French Vanilla Coffee Creamer from Against All Grain, made with coconut milk, almond milk, honey, maple syrup and vanilla bean. It smells amazing and makes having my daily decaf a real treat. My hubs who doesn’t even drink decaf? Now he has at least one a day with this creamer. He says it has good mouthfeel (which makes me giggle EVERY TIME). It keeps in the fridge for a week, but it’s gone way before then!

My best discovery over the past few weeks was the Julienne Peeler. It makes zucchini into delicious pasta-like strips. It allowed me to make this recipe Paleo, by simply replacing the pasta with finely julienned zucchini. Here is the result, and yes, it tastes as good as it looks:


Until next week!

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